Business Cards and what they say about you.

What does your business card say about your company? When you first meet a potential client and hand them your business card, it needs to give off a certain impression, because it is the window into your company, other than you and your business card, a potential customer knows nothing about who or what you are or do, hand them a thin cheap or even free in some cases card (I use card loosely) and you might just get halted in your tracks, it’s a bit like a sales executive turning up in tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt, not a good first impression and the wrong type of card will have exactly the same effect. What a cheap card says to me i

  • “I’ve started my company up on a shoe string.
  • “I don’t want to spend more than a fiver, because I don’t know if ill still be going in a few weeks time.”
  • “why would I want to spend money on something I’m giving away, as you will probably never use me anyway”

Wrong attitude, if you believe in your company, you will not mind spending what is only pence in the grand scheme of things. Present someone with a cheap and nasty card and it will end up where it belongs, in the bin.
Spend the money on some quality cards and people will say, this person means business, I can trust them and I expect them to still be trading next year, let alone next week.

Cards are a must for any sales executive, full colour cards and especially full colour laminated cards look really professional and stand out, people won’t want to throw them away, they can also make a small to modest company seem large and impressive.

One of the big problems with business cards is people try to fit to much information on them, its not a flyer, it really only needs a few specific details, like your company name and logo, your name, your address if need be, your job title and a very brief description, i.e. Maypole Press, your friendly local printer, you don’t want to be saying something like Maypole Press, printer of flyers, brochures, letterheads, business cards, banners, posters, wide format, short run digital, etc, etc, to much information, keep it brief, the old saying less is more is never truer in the case of cards, if you feel you need to list all of the services you offer, do it on the back of the card, it then becomes informative without being intrusive and you make the use of both sides of the card then. Nowadays cards are cheap, we do 500 full colour cards for as little as £30 and you can have them laminated for an extra £5, if you want to really look different you can go for the triple layered cards, these are creating a storm in the print world and look really unique. Whatever the cost, it is worth spending as they will give off the right impression from the start, so before you hand out these cheap cards, think carefully, what impression am I creating.

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