Environment Awards

A press rep came in to see me last week. He brought with him a framed certificate for us.

We use Fuji Pro T3 plates and by doing this, we have completely eliminated the use of water in our plate making process. Whilst this is obviously great for the environment it’s also great in this case for Water Aid.

“Water Aid is an international charity dedicated to transforming lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities”.

We have been using Fuji plates for the last eight years. Since 2012 Fuji has been donating money to Water Aid as a direct result of companies like us using these particular plates and has so far raised 178,000 Euros, which is great for everyone concerned.

It’s been a good period for awards and the like. In November 2015 we were awarded a “Green Essex Award”.

This was for our environmentally friendly approach to our industry. We have always tried to be environmentally aware of the products we use. We always try to use FSC paper. As mentioned above we have been using process-less plates for 8 years now, so that doesn’t produce any waste chemicals which has in turn eliminated the need to dispose of those dangerous chemicals and our plate maker doesn’t use any water. Our plates are recycled and I understand they use them to make car dashes in high end German cars.

Our ink, chemicals and dry waste is also removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way by a company that specialises in waste removal. Our waste paper is pulped and recycled; even our lightbulbs and tubes are taken away and disposed of! So because of all those factors, we were awarded a “Green Essex Award”. We’re really proud of our achievements.

A little pat on the back in a world of fast paced deadlines and late nights….

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